'Big Brother 11': Jordan says, 'I strongly, strongly dislike you with a passion!'


“Why don’t you drop all that anger and man-up?” Jeff asked Russell.

“A bald-faced lie,” Natalie described the promise she and Kevin made to Jeff.

“I’m jacked and tanned,” said Jessie. Twice.

Yes, Jessie was back, but consigned to the jury house, where on Thursday’s live, eviction edition of Big Brother 11, he was joined by Lydia. Lydia, you’ll recall, had gone from worshipping the muscle-god to professing to hate him for his deceitfulness. Oooh, how would she behave once she arrived in the jury house? And who would be evicted?


Okay, now: So of course Lydia turned into a drooling suck-up as soon as she saw Jessie outside the BB house. But the real surprise: How about that sudden, post-eviction burst of eloquence from Russell once he left the house? The way he smoothly explained to Julie Chen that, via all his yelling and bullying, he “wanted to evoke emotion,” and that he “wanted to be dynamic.” Dynamic indeed! When he told Chen that he wanted to combine qualities of some of the past “greats” like Evil Dick, Mike Boogie, and Dr. Will, I thought, this guy turned out to be a better student of the game than the BB11 player who was billed as such, Ronnie. Russell did the image of mixed martial artists well in his exit interview.

So: Jeff admitted that this week’s events “puts a target on me.” Do you think he can survive a Kevin-Natalie push to get him moved out? Who do you think is going to win the “S’more The Merrier” HOH competition? (My bet: Michele — she looked full-on concentrated.)

Be sure to read Josh Wolk’s essential Big Brother TV Watch and Julie Chen’s terrific BB blog, too.

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  • stuff happens

    I used to like Jeff; I hope he goes next…I’m rooting for Michele and Kevin in the final 2. I liked Russell. Should be interesting in the Jury House now.

    • tommy girl

      YES – I agree – Jeff is an @ss! I destest Jordan even more… little twit.. Kevin!

    • Heather

      I agree with you totally. Those two are the ones who have played the best game that are still there. How Natalie thinks she is a strong competitor and hs failed to win anything boggles me.

      • WTF

        She’s STUPID. Plain and simple.

  • Kat

    i’m definitely rooting for michele and kevin as well. i too liked russell, i def think that he was just playing the game and jeff is an idiot for putting his trust in nat & kevin. i hope kevin or michelle win HOH and put him up so that russell can laugh at him when he goes to the jury house and jeff has to apologize for being an idiot.

  • andy

    I hope Jeff goes this week. He really isn’t as intelligent as he thinks he is.

    • tommy girl

      He an idiot! With his lap dog Jordan (who hasn’t done a thing on her own all season). Who cares about her home situation? She had enough money for a boob job!

      • brenda

        i don’t know what game you are watching or why you even watch the show with that attitude !

      • spoonie

        hey brenda – you are the idiot – don’t you watch this show? Jordan is the ultimate “dumb blonde” that we usually don’t mind until she starts acting SUPER dumb – BTW did you happen to see the UTUBE on Jordan asking Kevin about doing it up the *um?? Very graphic for a sweet southern gal…

  • Vivi

    Jeff is done-zo. Like, it’s over the dude. He messed up and messed up badly. And he knows it. Also, I think he screwed himself when he said to Russell, “See you soon.” Ha!

    I’m gunning for Michelle to win HOH. Michelle, avenge for Russell and take down Jordan & Jeff. Ooh or better yet, Jeff & Natalie. Yes we can!

    • Jason

      If Jeff had kept Russell and then Russel won HOH and got Jeff evicted, would you not have then said Jeff should have evicted Russell this week?

      Jeff knew he was in trouble regardless, so he eliminated the person he thought would be toughest to beat in competitions.

      • Vivi

        But Russell was not going to vote out Jeff. It might be hard for people to believe but Russell was gonna keep his word. Final 4. He swore on his sick dad. He was NOT backing outta that one. They reach Final 4 and then it’s every man for themselves.
        Jeff was too scared to reach Final 4 with Russell cause if Russell had won HOH, Jeff was on the block. So yeah, to avoid all that from happening, Jeff had to do what he had to do. Unfortunately, he came off as a coward doing so.

      • Dollface

        you are absolutely right jason. russell would have put jeff up cuz jeff wins more challenges than anyone. why does everyone get mad at jeff when he plays the game?

      • Dollface

        how is jeff a coward for getting rid of someone that could beat him in a competition? so he should have gotten rid of natalie that cant beat her way out of a wet paper bag?

      • DMeade

        Why doesn’t anyone (including Jeff) see that Michele, not Russell, is the real threat in competitions. Even in challenges Jeff won, it was Michele who was nipping at his heels. She’s always been a much bigger threat than that musclehead.

      • JeffFan

        You are so right. Plus, Russell would have won the HOH contest last night hands down and he would have put up Jeff. Does everyone have blinders on with Russell?

    • jezoebel

      Jeff is only dumb because of the albatross he’s attached to: Jordan. She’s never won a challenge (I don’t count the POV golf one because Jeff threw the game to let her win), she’s dumb as a box of bricks, and that baby voice is so damn annoying. Someone get rid of Jordan once and for all!

      • deb

        She is an idiot, ya all… HICK! She is riding on Jeff’s shirttails, yet she won’t even give him a kiss – B!TCH!

      • Dollface

        the golf challenge wasnt a pov it was hoh and yes jeff gave her that one but jordon won a pov all by herself. check your facts.

      • brenda

        jealousy !! you are ridiculous !you are obviously insecure about your own pitiful self ! jordan is one of the sweetest and prettiest people they have ever had on the show !!

      • spoonie

        Hey Brenda – NOT ANY MORE! We know the “real” Jordan.. she is trying her “bestest” not to do any “booger”… She wants too, though..

  • Jason

    What do Lydia and Natalie see in Jessie? He’s such a tool!

    • bb watcher okc

      Good question !! But you have to look at the source of the admiration. Lydia and Gnatalie have no self-respect and NO CLASS.

  • joni

    Man I so missed Thursday nights episode, Help me, What happened????

  • bb watcher okc

    I truly hoped that Jeff and Jordan were smarter than they are. I can’t believe that they are beliving the t*w*i*t gnatalie and kevin. They deserve what they get. I’m hoping Michele wins HOH and the game.

    • Jason

      Either way they were all coming after Jeff; it’s not like he’s safe with anyone (except Jordan).

    • jezoebel

      I second that. Either Michele or Kevin.

  • James

    Thank you Jason, somebody understands. Jeff was screwed if Russell stayed anyway, he did what he had to do, and that’s that. Go jeff

    • Jason

      The thing is, pretty much everyone would have been targeting him this week. So, Jeff had to decide who he can most likely win again. In competitions, Russell and Kevin are the biggest threats at this point. He got Russell out. If Kevin wins HOH, people will say Jeff made a mistake. If Jeff had kept Russell and then Russell won HOH and nominated Jeff, people would have said Jeff should have evicted Russell when he had the chance. It’s all a guessing game.

    • Vivi

      I don’t know if you watch live feeds or the Showtime shows but Russell told Jeff to his face that he was gonna go after him once they reach Final 4. He also told Jeff that he made a deal with Michelle just like Jeff has his deal with Jordan.

  • michelle

    jeff did the right thing by voting off russell…. because that’s exaclty what russell would have done if he had won HOH… he said it..so good for him.

    • Jason

      Yep. Russell has told everyone he will evict friends to win, and by forming a lot of alliances, he has shown he has no real allegiance to anyone but himself (which is fine). Why should Jeff have trusted him?

      People also have to remember that we know more than the players because we see the feeds. In Jeff’s mind, Russell has made several deals, is a threat in competitions, and has told him he will evict him at some point. So, in Jeff’s mind, why should he have kept Russell?

    • Vivi

      He said he was gonna go after Jeff once they reach the Final 4.

      • Jason

        But Jeff doesn’t know that. Russell told Jeff he would eventually go after him. Jeff was told by Michele that Russell has mentioned going after him, and he was told by Kevin that he heard Russell say the same thing. Jeff then asked Russell about it, and Russell didn’t give a direct “no” reply. So, why would Jeff trust Russell about the final 4?

  • bb watcher okc

    I’m not saying Jeff did the wrong thing. I’m just saying he and Jordan shouldn’t be so trusting of the two people who wanted him out from day one.

  • michelle

    yep! he and michelle made that deal that if they won HOH they was going after Jeff. I am happy jeff did what he did.

    • Sina

      That was the final 2 deal! The final 2 doesn’t happen until after the final 4. So after the final 4 Russ and Michelle was going to team up. Not before the final 4. That’s what Russ was trying to tell Jeff outside. But I must admit Russ was annoying so I don’t mind him gone.

      • Lashae

        Thank you. I have no idea why Jeff upset that Russell and Michelle had a final 2 deal since he obviously had a final 2 deal with Jordan.

  • Sina

    Jeff made them all swear on their families and stuff. I honestly don’t think Russ would have voted Jeff out (if he would have even won!) until the final 4. But I must say, I HATE JEFF. I have stopped drinking the Jeff Kool-aide. The horrible stuff he was saying about Michelle calling her names and making fun of her behind her back. She has never done that to him. The same people he was with making fun of her was against him the whole game. CBS can’t edit out the Showtime After Dark so we see the real Jeff. To see him do that to Michelle was horrible. And Natalie, the stupid ho who never takes showers except twice a week had the nerve to talk about Michelle. GO MICHELLE AND KEVIN!

    • bb watcher okc

      I agree completely. Jeff is an idiot if he thinks he can trust the (whatever she is) Gnatalie and Kevin.

      • Sina

        I’m wondering what she is too. What woman doesn’t wash her behind!
        Kevin got HOH and they have decided to put up Michelle and Jeff!! Go Kevin, get the Veto Michelle

      • deb

        To Sina – may I dare ask – what do you mean about your comment? (about not washing her behind)?

  • Jessica

    I love Jeff!!! He is smart and he is going to win bitches!!!!

    • deb

      YUCK – He is a loser! Very uneducated and thinks Jordan is hot??? There you go..

  • bb watcher okc

    Was reading on the spoiler boards and it’s not good news IMO. HOH has been decided.

  • daphne

    Kevin has won HOH

    • deb


    • Tina

      Yeppers Kevin won HOH. He will try to back door Jeff. He is putting up Michelle and Jordan. And if anyone but Jeff wins POV, well he will be backdoored and he will be gone. He has to win POV, but the thing is if he does win POV, will he use it on Jordan? He shouldn’t because Michelle should be the one going home then. I am telling you Jeff will be backdoored if he doesn’t win POV.

      • Sue

        Actually, if Jordan and Michelle are on the block and Jeff wins POV, he can use it to take Jordan off and Nat would have to go up as she is the only option. Then Jeff and Jordan could vote her out. Kevin’s best bet is to put up the strongest players to avoid that situation

    • Lizzie

      Geez, thanks so much for the info. Now I don’t even have to watch the show to see what happened! Jerk!!! Do you really think that everyone wants your stupid spoiler!! Thanks for nothing!!

      • Al

        There is a spolier alert in the post. If you don’t like it, don’t read spoiler posts.

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