Kate Gosselin on 'Larry King Live': 'My nature is to freak out'

Kate Gosselin gave a tight-lipped interview on Larry King Live tonight, doing her best to avoid bad-mouthing husband Jon, despite prodding from the Ol’ Suspendered Interrogator. She insisted she and Jon had a “peaceful custody” arrangement. She admitted, “My nature is to freak out, to be in control.” Nonetheless, she rather amazingly said the whole separation thing has been “a good experience.”

The CNN blog crawl showed viewers writing in comments like, “Kate really needs to stop acting like a celebrity” and “Kate is lovely, god bless her and the children.” Meanwhile, King was asking whether the presence of the cameras in filming Jon & Kate Plus Eight was harmful in any way to the children. “The kids are just playing in front of the cameras,” she maintained. Kate looked rather tense, but a big part of that may just have been any ordinary person’s reaction to Larry King’s quirky, stream-of-consciousness questioning, which leaps from subject to subject with few follow-ups.

A few interesting details were squeezed out of her, however. She said that TLC “has the editing rights” to the show and so she has no control over what’s shown on Jon & Kate.

Tantalizingly, in response to a question about her future, she said, “I have big dreams… I am very driven.” What could this mean? Does Kate want to host her own TLC talk show, giving advice to other parents? Does she want to replace Paula on American Idol?

Alas, Larry did not follow up. He just asked her about her past, pre-motherhood life, when she was a nurse. At one point, the CNN screen carried the banner, “Exclusive: Kate: the kids understand what’s going on, doing well.”

Pretty soon, Kate was gone and it was on to Kathie Lee Gifford; so it goes in CNN-world: everybody’s doing well.

Did you watch Kate Gosselin on Larry King Live?

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  • Stephanie

    I thought Kate did really well.

  • Cat

    Kate was classy, refined and showed great restraint. She’s an intelligent strong woman. I’ll watch the show again when he’s off it. I wish Kate and her kids the very best.

  • sdm

    NO, and frankly who really cares what she has to say…I sure don’t, and no I didn’t read the article just saw the last line and thought I would answer it :-)

    • Melissa

      Dont be Dumb>>>>>>no one cares what you have to say got it

    • blah blah

      yeah, you just saw the last line…yeah right.

  • Linda

    Cat said it best, “Kate was classy, refined and showed great restraint. She’s an intelligent strong woman. I’ll watch the show again when he’s off it. I wish Kate and her kids the very best.” We have faith in Kate.

  • Leo

    Didn’t see her but I think Kate is a smart lady and she needs more refined restrained performances like this one for her to have the ambitious future she’s hoping for.

  • Diana

    Kate is a nighmare and we all need to stop watching that stupid show so that Kate will just go away !!

    • Sawssen

      Yes she did a bad job. The kid is unacceptable. She housld have rescheduled your job. That is why you never leave a new housekeeper alone. The first time sets the tone. This is why I hire professional cleaning crew companies like Merry Maids. They give your house a visit and discuss with you what you want done and how. You sign a contract. There is a supervisor who checks after the maids do their work and if you find anything else later that day, you call them and they send back the crew at no charge. They bring all their own cleaning supplies and equipment, which saves some money there. I get 2 people for 3 hours for $130 every other week but the first visit was a deep clean for $250. It was totally worth every penny. If I want anything extra, I just call the office for things like cleaning the refridgerator or patio furniture or a last minute emergency. They carry insurance so if they ruin or break something, you have no problems. If a worker gets hurt, they carry insurance. They background check their workers and insure against theft. You can refuse to have a worker back and get another in exchange until you find which team pleases you and keep them after that. I’ve had this team for 6 years. Love them.

  • Lynn

    She seems like a sad lady doing a good acting job. Career, not family is her priority. She will soon learn that money does not buy happiness. The kids will benefit from their share when they are all in therapy. A good question that should have been asked is if there is even ONE friend or family member that she has not ailienated? I think not.

    • Rose

      I know that it is human nature to feel that we can immediately ascertain the wrongdoings of those in the spotlight but, really? We know only what is being shown on an edited “reality” show and what magazine editors want us to believe and see. I just hope everyone the best and pray that they are all happy in their lives.

      • 1221kp

        I totally agree. We don’t really know what all is going on there and it is too bad that there are thousands of us posting our opinions on half of the information. I wish them all the best and pray that they will seek God in this. We all know they used to go to church and that has to be in their hearts somewhere.

  • Snarf

    Didn’t see it. Larry King is not a very goof interviewer (softball questions to a guest that tends to be disengenious at the best of times = dullsville)

  • Kathy

    It takes alot of grace to NOT bash the other parent–especially when they are exhibiting the type of behavior Jon is. I think she conducted herself very well, very classy and her kids will be very proud of her one day when they see these things. Their Mom doesn’t bad mouth their Dad even though he is all over the place with different flavors of the week.

    • Tori

      Really? Will they be so proud when they see the footage of how she used to talk down to him? She was horrible!

      • Kim

        I agree with Tori, Kate use to Humiliate Jon on some of those shows, talking down to him. Not that I wanted to see them divorce by any means. I was hoping she would watch herself on TV and change it.

      • rory

        Perhaps – just perhaps, she was “talking down to hi” because he wasnt such a good boy. He did know that lovely housewrecker, Hailey (sp) for several years before he took up with the school teacher. It is possible that he’s been the slut, we see now, for years. This is not the boy next door.

      • phil

        Yeah Tory you are right on. The epi at Toys R US where she orders Jon to go away from her so she can buy toys and then yells accross the store “HELLOOO” and the nags at him for doing what he was told. Many times Kate threated Jon like a putz and he got sick of it. thats it, thats all. And Rory, whats up with your ‘perhaps, just perhaps’ theory.
        Maybe, just maybe Kate is a controlling, condescending witch who can’t admit when she is wrong

  • SadbutTrue

    What’s wrong with Kate–she is a strong minded woman that is providing for her familiy – which is more than Jon is doing at this time. He’s just out cradle robbing in his expensive cars and ugly t-shirts.

  • Sue

    I couldn’t believe that Kate thinks being a control freak is a good thing?! She spoke of all the positive points of being a control freak. Kate open your eyes to the negative side of being one, because that cost you a husband and your family. Why have Kate on when she only skirts around all the questions. Larry did a good job asking strong questions, and Kathie Lee said of KATE that some people don’t know when NOT to talk. Kate should take Kathie’s advice and shut up.

    • FUSSY

      I just have to respond to Sue’s comment……Kathie Lee Gifford saying there are times when NOT to talk? Ummm, did’nt Sue ever watch Live With Regis & Kathie Lee? There wasn’t one thing she DIDN’T talk about!! Even Regis got frustrated!! As for Kate, she’s OCD, that’s hard to deal with and to HAVE, she’s learned the hard way, but she loves her kids, that’s obvious. Case closed!

      • sherriS

        Kate probably loves her kids..but she doesn’t have time for them. If you ever watched the show,she was constantly fussing about having to take care of them. She conveniently leaves out the fact that she had dozens of volunteers and neighbors coming in to help her do all the housework and take care of the kids.I watched one show where she had someone voluntarily come clean the house, then she went around inspecting and complaining because the girl didn’t do her “job” good enough. Never did it show her thanking any of the people coming in to help her. I used to like watching the kids, but it turned into a show of Kate talking all the time. My husband and son even said if a woman talked to them and treated them like she did her husband, they would be long gone, and they DEFINITELY wouldn’t let her do it in public on tv so the whole world could watch her insult him. I missed watching the kids a little bit, but the fact is, it wasn’t about the kids anymore, it was about Kate. If Jon tried to do something she said he did it wrong..if he tried to talk, she said he wasn’t using proper grammer, most of the time she just cut him off so she could hog the camera. You guys want to defend her and say she’s working and promoting a book..did you look at the book ? I wouldn’t call it a book..it’s pictures. When filming, she brushes the kids off and ignores them so she can talk to the cameras. She would stand there trying to look at pretty and dressed up in her heels while playing outside, and narrate what she is doing…if she shut up we could SEE what the kids were doing. I watched the birthday party because I missed seeing the kids…did anyone see her play with the kids at the party ? She spent most of the time telling people what to do (remember she sent Jon to the house twice for things she forgot, Jon, whom she says never does anything ) and she complains about the papparazi, while she stands all out in the open posing. Maybe someone should remind her that if the papparazi weren’t there..it would mean nobody cared to see her. Maybe she’s just mad that the photographers may sell a picture and she won’t get the money. Come on ladies, think. This woman needs a wakeup call.

    • noel

      i’m relpying to the commet made about kate loosing her husband and family. Of course she need to be in control she has 8 kids and her husband doesn’t seem to be, not only that what about jon he cheated on her several times. I have yet to hear about that. it’s not only kate it’s also him. he knew how she was when he married her.

      • Kristina

        I am also replying to the comment about Kate loosing her family, Kate has been a stay at home mom to 8 kids for the past 5 years. How can you not expect her to be a control freak? And as for her situation with Jon, nobody knows the facts of what went down between them behind closed doors. He knew how she was when he married her, yes i agree she is rude to him at times but again she has 8 kids cut her a break. If Jon had such a problem with the way she spoke to him then maybe he should have been a man about it and addressed that with her. As for the comments about she is in this for the spotlight…. He is just as much a fan of his celebrity status as she is, he just has a better way of denying it. Where would he be if they never had this show?? Certainly not with that doctors daughter out a boat sipping champagne with Christian Audigier.

        I understand people have their opinions on the situation but until you are in her shoes doing what she does everyday and having to put up with people bad mouthing her for what they see on tv or what they read in a magazine then keep thoes opinions to yourself…. and if you hate her so much why are you watching the show and why are you wasting your time leaving comments about things you don’t know anything about.

  • a stephenson

    agree with cat and stephanie-good job, kate.

  • ErinKate

    These kids are working instead of enjoying their summer vacation. What a disgrace.She has dreams? She better dream of taking care of her 8 kids and shutting her mouth.

    • B. Cranston

      yeah she better dream of watching her 8 kids because we know Jon can’t.

      • sherriS

        If she were home watching her kids..as she claims she does..she wouldn’t be out making speeches for money, signing a book, traveling all over the place alone with her bodyguard,or being on all the talk shows trying to convince the world she is a good mother. Jon isn’t trying to HIDE what he’s doing, and whatever he is doing, has nothing to do with how much he loves his kids. You ladies fell for the idea that she was raising these kids ALONE all day ? omg..how convenient to forget about all the people who came in to clean and care for these kids ? How rude of Kate to not even acknowlege the help from the church and the neighbors and everyone who gave them not just physical help but financial help. How can you ladies defend her ?

      • Michelle

        I agree, if she cared so much for the kids why is she on every talk show and every magazine cover. I have had enough of her. Time to move on.

  • Alyca

    Kate needs to act more responsibly, and shore up public opinion of her. I’d stay at home (and NOT in the driveway in view of the cameras) when it’s her turn with the kids. When it’s Jon’s turn at home, she should do some volunteer work to give back some of what was GIVEN to her and her family. Quit with the mani/pedis and spas/tanning. DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE with her time!

    • B. Cranston

      Kate gives us entertainment, DUH! and why doesn’t Jon have to do the same? oh right he is helping with the kids, the kids his dating!

    • angea

      yeah but dosent she deserve SOME alone time to do something nice for herself? god,she has 8 kids and no husband now

      • Kristina


        So what if she gets a mani/pedi every week, she deserves it. Just like any other mother out there.

    • Susan

      Do something productive? You mean like Jon does – date a ton of women and cheat on them all.

  • trisha

    Wonder why Kate has said previously that she and Jon did have a say on how the show was edited? The woman doesn’t tell the truth. Both she and Jon are not very good parents, they both put their desires ahead of their children’s well-being.

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