New 'Jon & Kate Plus 8': Kate says 'I'm trying not to feel sorry for us and myself' and Jon calls Kate 'annoying'

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Well, it was quite a Gosselin day on TV today, wasn’t it, what with Kate sobbing on The Today Show this morning.

But on the original franchise – this week’s new Jon & Kate Plus 8 episode — Jon protested to the cameras, “It’s not a mid-life crisis!” He was referring specifically to his new earrings. He said he’d had his ears pierced years ago, but only now was wearing studly studs, because, hey, “it’s who I am.”

Well, okay, Jon, but who you are is still going to be edited unflatteringly compared to Kate, who was seen on TLC doing the parenting during a North Carolina vacation trip with all eight children. “I’m trying not to feel sorry for us and myself,” said Kate.

As long-time viewers know, Kate hates messiness and nature in general, but here she was shown gamely holding a snake on a visit to a “serpentarium” (“I have to shriek,” she admitted). Even more shocking, she allowed the kids to body-paint themselves with pudding as a fun activity, a messy lark that the “old” Kate would have had a breakdown over. (In fact, the show did this activity about a year ago, and as I recall, Kate did come close to melting down faster than the pudding.)

But Kate said this night, “Me and my new attitude… my mess-o-phobia is going down every year.” I don’t know whether to feel good for her (and the kids, who are subjected to her fussiness) or badly for us as viewers, since Kate’s control-freakiness has always been central to the show’s drama.

Jon certainly remembers that. Back home in Pennsylvania, still “supervising” the remodeling of the kitchen (a role consisting of him coming in once in a while and looking over the workmen’s shoulders, blank-faced), Jon addressed the camera directly:

“It’s good they were all away, especially Kate, yelling that there’s a mess and cleaning up constantly; that would be annoying.”

Jon may not be building sympathy for himself, both on and outside the confines of the show, but he sure is more blunt these days.

But the kids, the kids: they are still great. Romping on the beach, or being stunned by the rare pleasure of having bacon for breakfast, they’re happy little campers, for the part that we see. The cameras are careful to show scenes of affection between both parents and the children, as well as one quick moment when one of the tykes says to another, “I miss Daddy more!”

And the two oldest Mady and Cara are, no surprise here, growing into what Kate called “performance mode”: part of their fantasy lives now consists of them making up TV shows and acting them out in front of TV cameras for a real TV show. How meta. This week, they called their “show” Invent, Invent, Invent! and announced, “Our first segment is going to be arts and crafts with recycling!”

That’s a perfect summation of what Jon & Kate Plus 8 is all about these days.

Did you watch? What do you think? Liking Jon’s earrings?

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  • caitisully

    I don’t know anything about John and Kate. But I know it takes two to Tango. And I have no doubt that Kate is just as evil (if not more so) than John, it’s just who they picked to make look like a jerk.

    • Gretchen

      Kate is not evil at all! Quit ragging on people you know nothing about.

      The reason people have come down hard on Jon is the fact that he is acting like an idiot!

      • Tony

        Oh, really, gretchen? You must not have been on the Today Show set, where someone is being quoted by the AP that she was ‘‘a total b—-’’ to almost everyone, said a longtime NBC staffer. ‘‘We get virtually all of the world’s biggest egos coming through here,’’ added the source. ‘‘But Kate was one of the most unpleasant I’ve seen in working here for many years.’’

        Yeah, Kate’s not evil. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

      • Tony

        As Gosselin was departing the “Today” set at NBC’s 30 Rockefeller Center headquarters, she was overheard trashing Vieira — ‘‘which is even more crazy,’’ added the second source. ‘‘Meredith very clearly, and in a straightforward way, asked exactly the questions you’d expect. She asked about the alleged affair with her bodyguard — which really seemed to p— [Kate] off — her relationship with Jon [Gosselin], how her kids were doing and whether ‘if you could do it over again, would you?’ ’’

        ‘‘She was swearing like a drunken sailor as she stormed out,’’ added the insider.

        Yeah, she’s such the noble victim. Makes one wish the kids would run away from home.

      • anonymous

        Tony Dear….You forgot the reset of the article, the part where NBC said they have no clue who would have said that, and that Kate was very nice and anyone who was within 1000 feet of her would know that, and that she was welcomed back any time.

        Tsk, Tsk, Tsk

    • GrimCityGirl

      You start by saying you know nothing about Jon and Kate but Kate is evil?!? Kate said that it takes two people and she played a role. Give me break!

      • sarah

        kate is totally evil…. there were alligations that she had an affair with the body guard and I bet the evil little B—h did. John is being made to look like an @$$ because thats what the simple minded people want to believe.

  • Jennifer

    I noticed that you cut the quote short….because she clearly said she was trying not to feel sorry for the kids , herself or all of us. Clearly this is not the end she pictured and her interview today was that of a woman watching the man she loved (and may still) running all over the east coast bed hopping. What I love most is how he just shrugs off all the talk about the women… hello their are pictures….lots of them! Oh and on a side note yeah the earrings just confirm you are a huge douchebag.

  • Chappel

    Kate has a heart of gold… cold and hard. It’s no surprise they like Jon more. I feel sorry for those kids when they are alone with Kate with no witnesses.

    • Gretchen

      You are wrong about Kate. You obviously have not watched the show long, if you watch it at all.

      You misunderstood the comment above too. On the show, the kids were saying they missed Daddy. Then one said “I miss Daddy more than you do”.

      None of the kids said they like Jon better than Kate.

      If you had actually watched the show, you would know that.

      • MARK

        No Gretchen your wrong. How can you say Kate is not evil by the way she treats John on the show. All she does is nag nag nag.

      • TexasBlonde

        Mark, you are wrong. It would be hard for anyone to not act like Kate when Jon just wants to stand there like a bump on a stump with a blank look on his face. I cannot even imagine how that household would have been totally disfunctional if Kate did not have the organizational skills and standards she has had in place.

    • AnotherMommy

      Jon is now a part time dad, like he wants it. The kids run to him because he left them and the family. He clearly considers ‘being himself, finally’ running around town being free (aka without kids and without Kate). He thinks the kids are better off because he is happier. It is all about HIM. Those earings say a lot. While Kate keeps her ring on, he pushes things in the kids faces and is all too happy to hand the kids back to Kate so he can leave and spend all their money. Money he didn’t earn, those kids earned that money, and he spends it like he is a trust fund baby. Well, Jon, your parents did not give you all this money. The lifestyle you are living is unfair to your kids. You are a loser and your kids will soon stop running to swiftly to you when the anger sets in . . . I know, my dad left us too. At first you run and cling because you want him back and then you realize they left you. He does not do everything for the kids. He didn’t leave for them. He left for himself. They will know. Kate parents them. He babysits.

      • anonymous


    • Natalie

      I’m not a huge fan of Kate, but in most cases, the Disneyland dad is “liked” more; it has nothing to do with who is the better parent.

  • Katie

    Adversity is a true test of character, and I think that Kate’s behavior has shown her ability to rise to the challenge, unlike John who seems to have taken an unscrupulous turn for the worst.

    • Pratibha

      Just wondering, how do you use Evernote when piannlng your videos? Do you just like write your script in it and that’s it? I never really understood the great use for Evernote. Care to share?

  • JEAN


    • Snarf

      With a post like this, I can’t imagine why he steped out on you in the first place.

      • Ann

        Love the comment….Snark… a good way =D

      • L

        Snarf, What’s steped?
        Maybe you both should stick to the discussion at hand. Those who live in glass houses and all that.

    • anonymous

      AGREED. Most people are just jumping on the band wagon, without a clue of how all this started. Do you want to know how it started? Jodie and Kevin (Kate’s Brother and sister in law) Decided they would like to make thousands of dollars off Jon, Kate and the children. So they charge per interview to say just how sad they are and concerned over the children. By the way, before they asked TLC for money, which was declined, they had nothing to dish. While Jodie and Kevin were receiving perks because of the show they had no concerns.

      As far as those who hate Kate, what is she guilty off? Keeping her children happy, clean, organized, loved, and teaching them to be respectful…wow, what a crime.

      Grow up people. Actions speak lauder than words. For those of us who have watched the show, it is clear that Jon acts like a child. If you dont ask him repeatedly to get things done he would be sitting on the couch watching tv. Before the separation was announced Jon was already parting and romancing, it is clear what his priorities are.

      Besides this he is a liar. Clearly all this women who claim Jon say he promised them a relationship are not lying he is.

      Whatever. It is almost comical to watch as the crowd comes after Kate, while claiming they really know nothing about the show or couple.

      Never under-estimate stupid people in large numbers. The hate band wagon coming after Kate Gosselin is the Salem Witch trials revisited.

      • Leo

        I did read that Jon is actually sharing 50/50 custody – but it looks like she’s got them more only because she insisted on having more screen time with the kids than he does. He doesn’t mind because he never liked the cameras around anyhow and he enjoys non-camera time with them better. But he does take issue with people attacking his parenting and wants people to know that just because you don’t see him as often on camera with his kids, doesn’t mean he isn’t with them as much as or more than Kate.

        He’s been positive about Kate in the media – saying that he feels badly they are so hounded by paparazzi, and also that she is a great mother. But he’s also realistic in the fact that its more important to Kate to come out smelling like a rose than it is for him, so she ensures the media sees her going to places like FAO Schwartz in her time absent from the children instead of showing how much other people watch her kids while she has custody. He pointed out that the cameras are on 2 hours a day and Kate shines then. That implies to me that off camera she’s a different person. I think Jon knows he’s not going to get a good edit because Kate has insisted she be the one to look good, and he’s accepted it and is trying to move on with his life which includes dating.

        Oh he also mentioned that Kate told him last October she wanted to end the marriage. She was angry and resentful towards his passivity and also the fact that people were so hard on her about the way she was in the marriage. She blamed him completely. He got couples counselling organized and she said “if you have a problem go fix it yourself”. He had not been dating or anything of that nature at that time, that didn’t happen until December or January after he realized she was serious and totally not willing to work on their relationship.

        I just think a balanced view is required here. Neither are the devil, both are generally good parents, both have made mistakes which have led to their relationship crumbling and I hope both will learn how to navigate through the waters of divorce in as healthy a way as possible for the sake of their kids.

      • Charl

        It is true, Jon is acting like a child now because he is out from under the iron hand of the meanest witch ever. Have you ever watched that show to see how horrible Kate is? How can you say actions speak louder than words? She is now suddenly trying to portray herself as nice but give me a break, that woman is horrific to those kids. Did you see the clip with the water? You know, the one where Mady was begging for a sip and she got the bottle from one of her “staff” and took a sip herself and gave her daughter NOTHING! Who does that?!?! She has exploited those kids for her own gain and she continues to do it. She makes me sick. I will not watch the show because Kate laughs at all the fools that do keep the ratings up so she can be kept in the riches she has now been accustomed to. Plus, if you watch, you are contributing to the exploitation of those children! Whether you want to hear it or not, its true. The show is more important to both the parents than the kids. TLC, Jon & Kate should be ashamed.

    • GrimCityGirl

      Why do people type in full caps? Are you yelling?

      • Charl


  • Linda

    Jon is a clueless, spineless, jerk, without any class or feelings for his family. It is apparent from his behaviour caught on camera. I think he needs to be pulled from the show. If he opens his mouth, he is either lying or blaming all his short comings on Kate. KATE PLUS 8. No more of the jerk.

    • Gretchen

      I totally agree with Linda!!
      I think the show is SOOOOO much better without him in it!!

      Jon has turned into a liar. It is so obvious!

    • Jenna

      I agree. I too am going thru a divorce with a cheating husband. I am sure I come across as a bitch, but you have to keep your wits about you for the kids while the man runs around doing what he pleases looking like a peach to the kids. The mom has to take on the role of disciplining, feeding and taking care of the kids. It’s not fair and yes she chose to do it in front of the cameras but it’s still painful.

  • Lily

    We have watched Jon and Kate plus 8 since the show first came out. We never miss it! It is our favorite show.

    One thing that has always stood out is the fact that Jon is lazy! Kate would ask Jon over and over for help, and Jon would not help Kate. Finally Kate would erupt in frustration. I don’t blame her! I would have too!! Taking care of 8 kids is not easy.

    Kate is a wonderful, caring person.

    Even though Jon is lazy, he used to at least be a decent person.

    Over the past year, Jon started to change. Jon has turned into a lying womanizer.

    More than once I have wondered if he is into drugs. He sure does look spaced out.

    • Gretchen

      You are so right!!!! Jon IS lazy! I have always noticed that too.

      I too have thought Jon looks spaced out and stoned a lot of times. I wonder if maybe that is why Jon has changed so much? Maybe he got into drugs and it changed him.

      • sarah

        The show has had such an impact on their marriage and the way they live. Kate is the one who had ultimate say from the beginning and if shit doesn’t go her way she gets pissed. Of course jon is going to get tired of her bull and being in the eye of the everyone. I don’t think jon is a bad person I believe that the issues between him and kate stem from kate’s original decision of having the show…shes in it for the money and she is ruining the kids lifes…they will be like brittany spears who was followed by the media from an early age and they will get into drugs and alcohol to rebel from kate….she is so stupid

    • Sandy

      I would agree, Jon looks like he is on drugs. I guess this is his “real” personality. He doesn’t even seem to mind being away from the kids all that much. He is such a disappointment. On the other hand, Kate has risen up to the challenge and will be better off without him.

    • James

      Maybe Kate should have thought about how hard it is to raise 8 children before she went to a scientist and had these children manufactured. If John is such a lazy monster why did she go through with all of this? Because she is just as big of a fame W*ORE as John.

      • Klara

        Wow James, how old are you? I liked how you manufactured the W word to get it in there. Many women out there are unable to have kids and have to have them “manufactured.” I am sure those kids would love to know that. If you had ever watched the show you would know they didn’t want 6 kids all at once but dealt with it the best way they could. Maybe you need to worry about yourself, because you obviously have a problem with foot in mouth disease.

      • James

        I am actually in my 40’s and frankly I find it funny that someone who feels the need to defend a “reality tv star” is dishing out advice to others. I don’t watch this show and frankly I find the fascination with it kind of funny. People are so quick to jump on one side or the other or lable one a liar and the other a victim and it just cracks me up. There is not one person on this board that knows if either one of them are lying or at fault – unless you are John or Kate. Let’s face it – more than likely they are equally at fault and nobody but them will ever REALLY know what happened when. She is going to spin her side and he’s gonna spin his – just like every other divorced couple out there. And it’s my personal opinion that if someone isn’t able to have children naturally maybe that’s God’s way (or whoever) of letting them know that they shouldn’t. Or maybe they should adopt. But that’s just me – you can have your own opinion.

      • Timscookie

        I think Klara is indirectly supporting a “reality tv” star as you mentioned. I believe her beef is the way that you referred to IVF(that is invetro-fertilization) as manufacturing children. And as she said there are millions of people that want to have children that are biologically theirs. Granted the Goselins did not set out to have 8 kids, they wanted their own. Atleast they are a 2 parent family (when they had the children) and not a single parent trying to have children as their money maker (ie Octomom!) They did not set out to do the show, it just happened. Your comment of manufacturing children shows just how ill educated, immature and narrow minded you really are.

    • Carol

      Jon is lazy? He’s the one that got up every morning, dressed the kids, fed them breakfast and brought Kate’s coffee to her bedside so she could sleep i, all before getting ready for work himself. I wonder how many mothers of multiple children sleep in until 8:00 a.m.? In addition, who was it that gave the kids their baths every night and got them ready for bed? Oh yeah, it was Jon. His only problem is that he did not want to cause problems and kept his mouth shut, instead of telling Kate to shut up.

  • Mark

    I did not watch the show and my entire family never will again so long as Jon is in it. For all those who detest Kate and complain of her attitude, it is funny how we can all watch the same show over and over again and walk away with a completely different take. We never cared for Jon and his distant, careless attitude towards Kate and his children. We always saw Kate as real and doing her best to care for her large brood on top of trying to get Jon to move. Oftentimes he was whinning and complaining and being a major hinderence to the family mix. He never supported her. Kate is a can do, take charge person and I deeply admire her for it. Jon is a major loser and derserves the scum of the century award. He is a dispicable example to his kids and out future generations. He is down right gross, but he makes it clear that he doesn’t care what others think about his poor choices. ANd the earrings, they just confirm his poor taste and the scum he really is. I hope he stays in the sewer and never comes up for air. Hailey looks like she is 52 and with his new found lifestyle, give it a few more years and his attempt to regain his young will have him looking like he’s 82, if he’s still alive. Burn baby burn!!!

    • Sandy

      I could not agree with you more!!! If it were Jon out there EARNING a living (if he could) he would be a family man working hard for his money and aggressive. Since it is Kate earning the money and trying to get him off his butt to do the same she is a bitch…what a double standard. Some men are not worth the effort….Kate is lucky to be rid of him.

  • Gale Ziser

    I have watched the show from the beginning and see the changes in both of them. Yes, Jon who was over controlled for a long time is acting like a child set free. I am hoping he will get it out of his system soon. And if it is true Kate broke up in Oct he has every right to find companionship. It is a shame for his children that all of it is so public. I am not blaming Kate for everything, but it is so obvious how celebrity has changed Kate. I think her road trips and insistence on maintaining the show was a big factor in their split. The show has been wonderful for those children they have a wonderful home and have seen things they wouldn’t have. It is changing, and soon this will not be a good thing for them

    • Rose

      On the interview on NBC, Kate told Meridith that she did not break up with Jon in October. You could tell she is telling the truth.

      I think that is just another of Jon’s lies. I don’t get why this guy tells one lie after another to make himself look good. He is just making himself look bad. I guess that is why he canceled his interview with E.

      I don’t think Kate controlled him either. I watch the show every week, and Kate was not controlling with Jon.

      She lost her temper with him at times, there is a big difference between the two. I would have gotten mad at him too. Jon never did anything unless Kate got mad at him. Can’t blame her for getting mad.

      • Scott

        Rose, you could tell that Kate was telling the truth and Jon is lying? Are you a police detective? Why is it almost all the female posters blindly defend St. Kate? Do you not see her problems and issues? Let me put it this way: If Jon treated Kate the way she treated him during the marriage, would you be defending him or her? By the way, I am not defending Jon, he is scum and is not thinking about anyone but himself lately. It’s like he forgot he has eight kids. But I can tell you this, Kate is get a makeover by a publicist who is telling how to appear more sympathic on the show. She is a control freak and always will be – people don’t change. By the way, shame on all the people who still watch this show at the expense of those little kids, who are going to be able to watch their parents’ divorce in re-runs or DVD for years to come. Stop watching, the show will soon be cancelled and perhaps those children can have relatively normal lives.

      • Leo

        In my view, Kate got mad at him because he refused to play a part in her game – it had to be her way or no way the entire way through and he would procrastinate as his way of making it clear he was not happy to have to do things her way.
        Kate and Jon likely would have stayed married if Kate had her way…she would pushed for the happy family angle to continue for the sake of money. I mean, their marriage was in serious trouble and she comes up with TLC with the idea to renew wedding vows? No wonder Jon was consistently apathetic and passive agressive. He did not like living a lie.
        I agree he’s like a child set free right now – partly rebelling from the life he felt trapped in with Kate, and partly angry at TLC for trying to paint Kate as the saviour in the family with him as the sinner, he is doing as he pleases when the kids aren’t there. But I’ve always found him to be a good parent. He’s patient, affectionate, does special things 1-1 with the kids, and the kids clearly feel very loved by him.

    • ?

      Do you folks not have lives!!! 2 sec to post. No sec watching a show about money hungry animals who would sell their souls and their kids.

    • Timscookie

      You are kidding me Rose, right? “Kate was not controlling Jon?” Did you not see the episode where she completely emasculated him for not using a coupon when he bought a shower head?! She beraided him for not using the stupid coupon. What was more idiotic was later he said he took the receipt and the coupon and the store gave him the difference back. No harm no foul, but that didn’t stop Kate for blowing up about a few dollars when they get paid up to $75,000 per episode (they get up to 40 episodes per season so you do the math THEY ARE RICH!)

      • Ha ha

        You must not have been paying attention either… this was right around the time where they were having issues. Kate did say that it was going on for at least 6 months or more. So, she was frustrated over him not giving a crap about saving money. Regardless of how much money they make, you should always save as much as you can.

        Oh… and it’s berated.

  • Nick

    Wow! Kate is hot!!! She has it all. Jon is a lowlife bum who will leave a legacy of the worst dad ever. He is headed towards disaster. Live it up Jon, we hope you get what you want otta life cuz you deserve to go where your headed. We hope Kate gets what she deserves, a real man and a happy future both in this life and later on. Stay as you are Kate! More people love you than you know.

  • Leal

    It is funny how most people who speak out against Kate are women who appear to be jealous of her. They all stick to the same sad allegations which have all been found to be false. Jon’s behavior is all on camera. I could write a book on what a dochebag he is. I think those Kate haters are Hailey wanna be’s. THey are weak women who have no clue. Strong women seem to support Kate as they understand her better.

    • Rose

      I have always liked Kate and think she is a great mother and a wonderful, caring person.

      Jon seems to be the one behind most of the lies about Kate. What do women see in him anyway?

      • LAL

        They see dollar signs

    • Leo

      How was the bodyguard affair proven false? I believe that was a very strong emotional affair even if they never actually did anything about it. She would spend the majority of her time with him, they had lunches and quiet talks together, they spent time with the children together…yes as her bodyguard but she clearly revelled in the attention from him and if I were either Kate’s spouse or her bodyguard’s spouse I would be very concerned about that relationship. It’s been totally glossed over – at Least Jon lives the truth, for better or for worse. I always admire people who live in truth. And frankly I think he’s just having a good time hanging out with girls who let him have the drivers seat, and hasn’t made promises of jumping into another relationship. I believe him over Kate Major who is a tabloid Journalist, and who probably WANTED to be a serious girlfriend to justify her decisions and leaving her job.

      • Ha ha

        Where’s the proof she had one? No pictures, no eyewitnesses of note, nothing. Jon definitely had plenty of things show up with proof. Pictures don’t lie. He was hanging with Hailey in May (in pictures). She had her Facebook status changed to in a relationship, in May. They were separated in June. How can you admire sympathize with a sleaze ball that? He doesn’t live the truth. A good father would NEVER put that garbage out there for his kids to see.

  • Tina

    Leal, I think you hit the nail on the head. I consider myself a strong, ambitious successful woman and I have always loved Kate’s attitude. I, too, always felt she was married to a deadbeat child who was jealous of her. Kate will come out of this on top, you’ll see. Jon is headed for disaster.

  • edie partridge


  • Chloe

    My son and I have been watching this show for a long time and really enjoyed it. However, the last few episodes have been disappointing because they’re kind of boring. The element that made it fun to watch is missing.

  • anonymous

    I hope that they remove Jon from any of the shows from now on he is a scumbag and behaves like a stupid kid. I do not want to watch him at all. Kate is inspiring as a Mother.

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