In defense of Katherine Heigl: Why all the hate?

Wow, what did Katherine Heigl do to anger so many people? There’s a lotta Heigl-hate out there. Read the full post.


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  • dina

    I love Katie Heigl. I find nothing wrong with her comments.
    What I found so wrong and irrational are those who hate her, wrote unnecesary hate blogs about her as if her actions or comment effected their lives.And for those who have to take 2 jobs and not earned anywhere her salary, all I cn say is…you are not an actress so what is the point of comparing your life to hers. That is ridiculous.
    I find KH a very personable person. she is honest, a very good actress and she will have her career in her way and not like so many insipid young actresses who wouldn’t say “boo” in fear of not being liked.
    All I say, good on you KH and long may you reign.

  • Zara

    I think anyone who is ‘frank’ is often labeled a troublemaker by narrowminded shoebox stuffed people. I say kudos girl! its refreshing not to see yet another hollywood puppet who says and does the same thing the last 20 puppets said and did because its politically correct. I will never fault someone for politely having a difference of opinion, especially someone who so obviously means it and is not just another talking head.

  • Noah Smith

    Ken T. is playing a little unfair with Ken L. (just a little). As Ken L. points out the REASON for the 17 hour workday was to accomodate Heigl’s other commitments. If your coworker had another job and you had to work around it by putting in 17 hour days, and that coworker got downtime in an air-conditioned trailer while you were laying cable for 17 hours, and then the coworker complained about long hours … well, come on.

    As for not submitting for the Emmy’s, wasn’t there at least a HINT of “those lousy writers didn’t give me enough to do this year” to her statements?

    It also bugged me when she won the Emmy and talked about how she worked her ass off to get there. I’m sure she did, but, y’know what, so did everybody else, including a lot of people who didn’t make it and didn’t have her natural gifts to help them. Shouldn’t an acceptance speech be about the process, the honor and the people who helped you get there, not about how much you deserved to win?

    I like Heigl’s work. I find her a charming, talented actress, and, of course, very attractive. I think she deserves the career she has but … well here’s what REALLY bugs me about her:

    After “Knocked Up” launched her career into the stratosphere she made a number of statements about sexism in the movie. Now this is a legitimate point — as much as I love that movie, it does have sexist moments. And, while it is perhaps a little rude to bite the hand that feeds you, I can admire someone for standing up and making an unpopular statement. But let’s look at the movies she has made since then — ATROCIOUSLY sexist crap like “27 Dresses” and “The Ugly Truth.” Yes, I know at least the latter was written by women, but that didn’t stop them from being woefully misogynist and anti-feminist. These movies, allegedly targeted at women HATE women and encourage women to hate themselves. If Heigl can’t see that, she’s blind. If she can and makes them anyway, she should be ashamed of herself.

  • Mariah

    All this praise for Katherine’s honesty amidst a supposed sea of ‘yes-men’ and ‘butt-kissers’ in Hollywood makes me laugh. Sparking controversy is just as calculated as damage control.

  • Lizzie

    KH (to avoid spelling errors) is a pain the ass know it all who seems to think the public cares what she has to say. She has bad mouth the writing in multiple projects she was involved in. Gray’s and Knocked-up – you know – her two biggest successes. She appears ungrateful, rude and frankly, stupid to throw her attitude in the face of those launching her career into high gear. In a time when so many suffer, I don’t care what her petty issues are and it bothers me she can’t just be happy for herself when she is one of the minuscule and extraordinarily lucky – out of 6 billion. If she can’t be happy with what she has, I don’t think she deserves it.

  • Stef

    This blog post is pretty twisted. She said that she was not given the material to warrant a nomination, not that Izzie’s scenes weren’t good enough. It was a diva-like potshot at the writers who gave her a career that she apparently wants to throw in the toilet. People keep seeing her movies though, so maybe she’s doing something right.

  • Mila

    I can only conclude that the *purpose* of this post was to create a forum for even more hate directed Heigl’s way.

  • Justin

    She is OVERRATED!

  • susan

    I ENJOYED ‘THE UGLY TRUTH’ AND HEARD A LOT OF LAUGHS FROM THE FULL HOUSE AUDIENCE. it’s a fast paced screwball (i love screwball) uber romantic comedy in which the cast, especially the principals heigl and gerard butler, knock themselves out to deliver. now i want to see ’27 dresses.’ ( i walked out of ‘knocked up,’ hated that, but love this one.) heigl’s honesty and directness in interviews is refreshing. she seems more ‘girl next door’ than ‘diva.’ she’s talented, vivacious, funny & does seem intelligent. methinks some people are jealous of her and therefore putting her down…the girl knocked herself out in ‘the ugly truth’ and they really put on a good show for romantic comedy buffs, especially–i’d even like to see it again. katherine’s got the ‘it’ factor. she’s great. her niche should be romantic comedy and comedy methinks. i think that’s her strong suit although i caught a little of ‘gray’s anatomy’ before and could tell she’s good on that. mine should be the last word on this–I am right

    • hemnebob

      i loved 27 dresses. atleast it wasn’t a remake of an older movie and she really is a pretty good actress in my own opinion. knocked up was funny too…

  • Sherry in The Lou

    I thought when she pamde the “17-hour work day” comment on Lteerman that she was being sarcastic and laughing at herself and the industry. I never once thought she was being a diva. Lighten up America. celebrities are just people like you and me, with a much cooler job! I seriously doubt celebrities sit around all day sneaking onto the internet to read this instead of working like we all do!

  • susan

    on second thought i think she’s got potential for dramatic acting, too. she’s exciting to watch… she may have shown a bit of ‘artistic temperament’ because she really IS an artist.

  • Terrance

    She still gets regularly employed correct? She’s viewed as a leading actress. All of her movies are portrayed as hits (even when they underperform), she’s inevitably wrong about everything she says/predicts and people politely ignore it. She also, apparently, has a reputation for being smart which, from what I can see, is based on absolutely nothing. What am I feeling sorry for her for again? Frankly, from what I’ve seen of her constant whining, atrocious behavior, refusal to accept any award and then complaining about it, and constantly incorrect prognostications, I actually think Megan Fox deserves more of a break than she does. At least Fox admits her shortcomings. Heigl thinks she has none.

  • David

    Her whining on Letterman really turned me off. One would think that she would have the sense to appreciate her situation. Hey Katherine, pick up a newspaper and read a bit about the economy.

  • sarah

    I find you an hypocrite. Another season of IzzMe’s Anatomy and I will VOMIT!

  • lauren

    KH is an ingrate, loud mouth, AND a lousy actress. she was chewing the scenery every season on GA. Get rid of her, she has Shelley Long written all over her.

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