'Warehouse 13': Why, Syfy, why?


Well, I guess it was only fitting that a cable channel with a goofy new re-branding should premiere a goofy new series: Syfy’s Warehouse 13 is not, I think it’s safe to say, the series that is going to replace Battlestar Galactica in the hearts and minds of us old Sci Fi network fans.

Did you watch this thing? Some unholy cross between The X-Files, Bones, and Raiders of the Lost Ark, Warehouse 13 gave us a couple of supposedly-mismatched, but we knew made-for-each-other, federal agents (Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly, looking at each other as if to say, “How many episodes of this did you sign up for?”). These two were teamed up with the caretaker of a storehouse of supernatural objects, played by the usually-fine actor Saul Rubinek.

There’s a lot of talent here, both on and behind the camera. CCH Pounder, so great in The Shield, is an officious officer of some sort; she huffs and puffs without much effect. And the series was co-created by writer Jane Espenson, who’s done such terrific work on BSG and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Warehouse 13 lacks both chemistry between its stars and a clearly-defined “hook” beyond its vast acres of secret, fantasical items.

I suppose Syfy is hoping Warehouse will tap into the soft-sci-fi audience that enjoys Eureka — which returns July 10 with new episodes — but so far, Warehouse doesn’t possess anything like Eureka‘s often-witty whimsy.

Am I wrong?


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  • Lonecia Coffman, Olympia, WA

    I’m sorry, but the dumbing down of everything now includes the abbreviation of “Science Fiction”?? “SyFy” is a silly change, and makes the channel seem like some little kids channel where the kids are being half-way taught to read the lazy way.
    I guess it is only fitting since much of what is now on this channel only qualifies to be categorized as fake, wanna-be, science fiction.
    How sad.

  • Adam

    I didn’t think Warehouse 13 was that bad…I see alot of room for potential.

  • Alan Binenstock

    As goofy as it is, “The Librarian” already pretty much covered the “warehouse of alien/mythical artifacts” ground, and in a better way. “Warehouse 13″ continues to prove the rule (Galactica and Eureka being the exceptions) that “Made for SciFi/SyFy” is a badge of dishonor for any movie or series.

  • D.Bag Bobby

    This made that silliest Xena episode or the campiest Conan seem subtle. The magic sparkle bags from Staples were a particularly tacky, cheap shot.
    The producers should be ashamed. I give it 5 airings and then dead file.

  • Ron J

    The SyFy abbreviation was made so that it could be copyrighted. Sci-Fi is too common of a phrase to attach a copyright to, hence SyFy. I didn’t watch the show, however, so I can’t comment on that. Just wanted to correct the viewers about the shortening of the channel’s name.

    • John

      SyFy is a trademark. You don’t copyright brand names. Thats like painting a book or writing a picture.

  • Space Cruiser

    Warehouse 13 may have had some potential, but the new branding of Siffy has me gagging. I will not be tuning into this channel again. I will await DVD boxed sets of series that might prove interesting, and then only borrow them from the local library. Too, bad SciFi had some great potential, and when the advertising company came upon the “Imagine Greater” they thought their job was done and balked on the rest.

  • Kim

    I watched it, and for two hours was in various states between yawning and wanting more, to chuckling, to rolling my eyes. I’ll watch again, maybe once more to see if there’s any improvement.
    As for SyFy? Bleh, I’m not digging it.

  • Rob

    I loved the pilot. I thought it was absolutely fantastic and highly imaginative. The “Syfy” thing, on the other hand, makes me sick.

  • Dietcoke

    I was so pleasantly surprised by this show. I really enjoyed it. Witty dialog, fun premise, mystery. I think it has potential for summer fun.

  • sbwm

    Not good. The actors looked pained to be even saying their lines. Saul was trying though, bless him. Silly without humor but it could have potential if they tweak it – a lot. The hook is there – it is just what they make of it. The actress Joanne looked miserable.

  • Minh Nguyen

    Just when I thought Sci-Fi was going to gain my faith, they unleash this utter mess of a show.

  • Jerome Holst

    The show is nothing more that a rip-off of the series FRIDAY the 13TH (1987-1990) about two young antique store owners must recover cursed antiques. Each episode, the main characters tracked down a cursed object and then stored it in a vault to protect the world. Warehouse 13 follows the same premise, but I doubt it will last as long as the series that inspired it.

  • Jessica

    I knew SciFi channel was going downhill when they started showing ECW (or whatever the wrestling is called now). They won’t rerun shows like Friday the 13th Series but they’ll put wrestling on?! Warehouse 13 was alright, I think they mashed too much into 2 hours; could’ve split it up. I think it’ll get better, and it’s great for summer tv.

  • Erika

    The creation of Syfy is silly. The old “Sci-Fi” logo with the Saturn symbol could be trademarked. Siffy’s changing things to change things, but their target audience isn’t going to change. TNT or USA have the potential for broader appeal because they can develop new style shows, having no ‘theme’ they’re associated with. Syfy is sci-fi/fantasy. That’ll never change, no matter how they modify their logo. Don’t marketing people get that? Spend your budget on co-developing good shows, not on a network re-brand. In the long run, it’s the shows that draw more of the target audience to the network, not a name change.

  • Cj

    Food for thought, there is an entire untapped market out there. Being one of them, I have never been a regular of SyFy, I will be now.
    An adorable show that, YES, would fall into the SyFy category, has now arrived and my household adored it.
    Not everything that is Science Fiction has to be set in space or have a regular goblin. (Jack Finney wrote more than just “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”!) A little Humor and a little Romance can fit the bill also if the story is right and we really did like the writing and the cast.
    I will recommend this show to all my friends, just what is needed after a day in the “real” world.

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