Bill O'Reilly rips Michael Jackson: He's 'fed up with all the adulation'

Bill O’Reilly launched a strikingly hostile “Talking Points Memo” attack against Michael Jackson this evening on The O’Reilly Factor. Announcing he was “fed up with the adulation” and “phony platitudes” of the Jackson memorial service, he labeled the sentiments expressed by the participants as “pathetic in the extreme.”

O’Reilly criticizes Jackson for “spending millions of dollars on himself while singing ‘We Are The World.'” Huh? Would O’Reilly say the same thing about other wealthy singers who performed on the original 1985 recording, such as Bruce Springsteen or Bob Dylan or Paul Simon? I doubt it. What happened to O’Reilly the ardent capitalist? Aren’t we supposed to make and spend as much money as we want in America, and is charity work also “pathetic”?

Did you note that O’Reilly also ridicules CBS’ Katie Couric for interviewing Kenneth Babyface Edmonds? He called their talk “surreal” because… well, as far as I can figure, for no reason other than to sneer at the producer-writer’s nickname, Babyface. Bill O’Reilly thinks it’s “bizarre” for a network anchor to interview an expert on Michael Jackson’s music: Why? He probably could have used an expert on Jackson’s music in his own studio this particular evening.

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  • kaydevo

    mmm…could it be racism? I’m not one to jump at saying that, but he makes no sense. It’s one thing to think the 10-day coverage has been tiresome, but REALLY, O’Reilly…

  • john

    who cares what bill o’reilly says? Nobody listens to him except old republicans, i honestly expect stuff like this from him, he is just an idiot.

  • kaydevo

    mmm…could it be racism? I’m not one to jump at saying that, but he makes no sense. It’s one thing to think the 10-day coverage has been tiresome, but REALLY, O’Reilly…

  • Adam

    As much as alot of Bill may be true… coming out of his mouth makes him a hypocrite. Seriously, should he be the one preaching about media control. Give me a break

  • Cindy

    O’reilly just jumped on the hate bandwagon because he wasnt getting enough press. He is a moron and should be taken off the air, buried with all of the other fox news anchors. What an insensitive idiot.

    • Mia

      You are so right. He better shot himself if he became this hateful on other person’s succes. He shoul at least show some respect as I don’t remember Michael to ever say bad things about the others even if they were more succesfull than he was but instead tried to do his best.Leave poor Michael alone! What a racist, what a hater, what a jerk…

  • john

    Its not racism, its just ignorance on his part. He doesnt understand that everyone is legitimately sad about michael dying because he was such a great entertainer. Hes that stupid. Just ignore O’Reilly, his show is meant for the small minded and ignorant.

  • Doug

    Bill’s right on.

  • Tony

    How could he spend Money on himself singing WE ARE THE WORLD when hes the most charitable Celeberty Ever? i always laugh at bill when still he s trying to get publicity hatin on black people

  • Ellen

    I get sick of all these reactionary white people accusing Jackson of being a self-hating black man. As if they have any understanding of what it’s like growing up black or Jackson’s cultural importance for black America. I know there are plenty of black people who feel uncomfortable with Jackson’s transformation over the years, but that’s for them to articulate. It is not O’Reilly’s place to tell black activists that they’re not allowed to feel any allegiance to Jackson. That kind of sneering and condescension does border on racist, whether he wants to admit it or not. I have to say this is the first time I’ve watched one of O’Reilly’s talking points. He really is loathsome, isn’t he?

  • ana

    isn’t it funny how most of the people who make comments like mr. o’reilly are those so called conservative middle aged white men??? funny how they all think alike! they do not comprehend what contributions that this man actually made to the music industry. its sad that people actually think that way still in the usa but i won’t be watching this man’s show anymore. Everytime there is something like this, the country is divided along racial lines all over again.

  • Remy

    O’reilly = hypocrite

  • Ellen

    Particularly ridiculous is his claim that the coverage is pathetic because lots of people who have no insider knowledge of Jackson’s trial still believe he is guilty of a crime he was acquitted of. I expect that from the odd ignorant comment-section-trawler. From a major news reporter its despicable.

  • lucy2

    While I think the adulation is over the top and the media has gone crazy, Bill, as usual, just needs to shut up. He is consistently getting worked up and loud about the WRONG things. He should not criticize anyone else’s spending/charity ratio unless he’s willing to publish his own, and he’d better be careful talking about spreadig the wealth around, or he’ll get labeled a (gasp!) socialist.
    But don’t worry, Bill. When your time is up, no one will line up with platitudes or adulation, phony or otherwise. Trust me.
    In fact, to make sure it’s fair and balanced, we’ll all also remember your own lovely foray into the legal world, with your own settled sexual harrassment case.

  • Kaylie

    I actually agree with O’Reilly which is weird coming from someone who can’t stand the man. I think he was spot on when he was talking about the phony platitudes. They act like Jackson was a hero but he wasn’t. He was just a man who entertained many. It’s fine if you want to honour him but do not make him out to be something he wasn’t.

  • Dominic

    Has O’Reilly never heard a eulogy before? Eulogies are often over the top or at the very least, a reminder of the goodness of people (we tend to do enough remembering of the bad while they’re alive).
    O’Reilly just gave me another reason to dislike him.

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