An open letter to David Letterman, re: Sarah Palin


Dear Mr. Letterman:

This whole Sarah Palin thing has really gotten out of hand. Did you read the absolutely reprehensible piece written in the Chicago Sun-Times that equated your joke-insults to the anti-Semitic hate-speech of Rev. Jeremiah Wright? The atmosphere has become not merely ludicrous, but in cases like this, poisonous.

So here’s my advice, as you begin a week of new shows (and the nice thing about writing a letter of advice to a guy like you is that I’m pretty sure you’ll do whatever the hell you want to do anyway, so I can speak freely):

Clam up.

Don’t give Gov. Palin any more material to react to. From her Today Show interview alone, it was obvious that no matter how much Matt Lauer tried to raise serious questions about various overreactions to your jokes, she’s glowingly happy to be in the national spotlight again and doesn’t want to give it up any time soon.

Don’t give the TV cable news analysis shows, whether they lean right, left, or “objective,” any more fodder for what has been, for the most part, an ever-higher tower of Babel-babble without any useful insight.

Where the first few days of this controversy probably helped you in the ratings, I can’t believe that you, a tough but fair competitor, want to win against the Tonight Show on the back of this kind of controversy.

Have a good week. Oh, and on Friday, be sure to ask Michael Cera about the possible Arrested Development movie, will ya?


Ken Tucker

For more on the Letterman-Palin controversy:
Palin attacks Letterman again


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  • m

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • Michael

    Letterman is a rude and sick person who cracks jokes on raping of other’s daughter and all the liberal idiots who support him have no morals / ethics

  • Snarf

    Good advice Ken. Well said.

  • frank burns

    Sarah is trying every which way to eke her 15 minutes of fame out into 20. If it goes to 30, kiss the GOP definitively good-bye.

  • ihatebrangelina

    An open letter to Ken Tucker. I know you don’t care, but
    Sarah Palin has EVERY RIGHT to be pissed! And if you are
    married and your marriage have female children attached
    to it, you SHOULD BE PISSED too. Letterman went miles
    passed what was acceptable as a joke, and IF he were a
    marginally smart man, he would apologize to Palin. The loser!!!

  • Sav

    Very disappointing to see Ken Tucker act as if the villain here is Palin. We all know if this were, say, Obama’s kids this wouldn’t even be a discussion.
    Incidentally, Letterman’s been attacking Palin since last October. These latest attacks just happened to be over the line.

  • OhioGuy

    An open letter to ihatebrangelina:
    You are enraged and hateful over a six-second joke with A-Rod as the target that someone else wrote for Letterman to read on TV in the middle of the night. You and the other Palinbots have been OUTRAGED for over a week about this joke. Do you have *any idea* how stupid this makes you look to thinking people? Guess not.
    And by the way, what kind of person uses “hate” right in their screen name? Never mind, I think I already know.
    PS. “Sav”: It was not an “attack”, no matter how much you love playing the victim. It. Was. A. Joke. Do wingnuts have *no* sense of humor whatsoever? Never mind, I think I already know.

  • Randy Jackson Random Comment Generator

    Sarah Palin! I dunno dawg, for me for you, that was just over the top. I mean, I get the whole protective mom bit, but I’m just not buyin’ it. The time to be protective is BEFORE your daughter gets knocked up.
    And by the way, didn’t you run for office with John McCain, the guy who made a joke about a gorilla raping a woman and Chelsea being ugly because her father was Janet Reno?

  • To Sav

    Obama is President. Palin is not. They are not on any equal, level playing field because he is much more important.

  • JT

    The only person to drag her 14 year old daughter into this is Sarah Palin herself. She is creating this controversy to try and remain relevant. How many of you actually even would have heard of this joke if she didn’t bring it up?

  • JT

    Also, Obama’s kids weren’t pregnant while underage during his campaign, so comparing the two makes absolutely no sense.

  • JT

    Maybe she should have worried more about her underage daughter (but technically legal age of consent) was actually having sex in her house than someone joking about it.

  • greg

    It’s interesting how Letterboy’s attack on Palin and her daughter came just 2 days after Gov. Palin drew 20,000+ people to a non-political event in Auburn NY, just 1 day after Palin received a warm reception by 12,000 people at the Autism walk on Long Island, and received an award from Independent Group Home Living Foundation, and on the same day that Palin alerted the media to a big announcement regarding the gas pipeline she’s been pushing since she became governor. It looks to me that Letterboy just wanted to change the subject. I don’t think he was counting on the National Organization for Women (NOW), speaking up for the first time about the attacks on Palin and her family. The more the media hammers her, the stronger Palin gets, by 2012 she’ll be like fine tempered steel forged on the anval of the medias own making.

  • JT

    Greg, you are delusional. The only one benefiting from all of this is Dave.

  • rick

    How idiot can someone be, to transform this episode in such a huge hunt over a frekking joke ???????? Bad taste joke ? Yes, but for this kind of reaction ?? Get a life !!!

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