Palin attacks Letterman again: Joke was about 'statutory rape'

Gov. Sarah Palin told The Today Show this morning that she continues to be offended by David Letterman’s joke “about the statutory rape of my 14 year-old daughter.” Interviewed by Matt Lauer, Palin referred to Letterman as a “so-called comedian” and said his humor “erodes a young girl’s self esteem.”

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Meanwhile, last night on the Late Show, Letterman made one joke in his opening monologue about the ongoing controversy, saying, “I think everything’s fine now: She called and offered to take me hunting.”

Palin’s remark to The Today Show suggests she still doesn’t get the idea that Letterman’s self-admittedly “cheap” joke — that during a Yankees game, “her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez” — had nothing to do with rape, nor was she buying Letterman’s premise that he wasn’t referring to 14-year-old Willow but to 18-year-old Bristol. Lauer cited a remark from Palin’s spokesperson: “It would be wise to keep Willow away from David Letterman.” “Are you suggesting David Letterman can’t be trusted around a 14-year-old?” Lauer asked. “Take it the way you want to take it,” said Palin. “It’s from the heart.” Lauer then asked, “But is that [comment] also not in bad taste?” “No, it’s not,” said Palin.

What do you think? Has this controversy gone on long enough, or will it continue?

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  • Max

    Sarah Palin is a joke. This entire situation illustrates just how stupid she is. If she would have just made a statement in the beginning saying that she was offended, she would have come out as the one in the right. Now she’s brought it to a level where she is the bad guy. Implying that Letterman is a rapist is going a bit far. I can’t believe people want her in any kind of office let alone the highest office in the land. At this point I think the public sympathy is shifting towards Letterman now and she has handled the situation just terribly

    • dave

      I’d like to think that after she doesn’t even make the final two or three for the nomination in 2011 that she’ll disappear but I suspect she’ll just be back for the 2016 race as a Reform candidate or a Tea Party Rep. candidate or something.

      Sadly I think she’s never going away.

  • John

    Palin is trying to keep her name in the news anyway she can. I didn’t know she had a 14 year-old daughter until she started talking about her. A-rod and Spitzer were the butt of the jokes more than Bristol was.

  • Terry

    I think Sarah handled herself just fine. Her comment about Keeping Letterman away from her daughter was exactly what any parent should say in the same position. His comments were way out of line and totally disrespectful.

    • Larry

      Palin’s a cartoon.

  • my opinion only

    She’s riding this for all its worth. This is about raising money and playing the “victim” to the “liberal media’s” “bully” at this point. Its her schtick, and she works it to death. It will help her build a base, but it does make her look like a moron to a huge chunk of people, so lets see how she plays it in the long run.

  • Melinda

    I’d nearly forgotten how willing this woman is to peddle her children for media attention. Shameful.

  • randy Singer

    palin is so full of bullshit. She built a campaign, just like those republicans making a huge issue out of nothing. Weapons of mass distruction……Clintons indiscrection….IF palin wants to blame the eroding of the youth morality, she needs to look at her own house and her own pregnant unwed daughter.

  • Nick

    Sarah Palin is a joke?? Trying to keep hereself in the news?? Give me a break. A tasteless joke was made about her daughter…..again….by a member of the mainstream media…again…and Gov. Palin protests. The real question is why is the media doing so much to bash all things Palin while giving all things Biden a free pass??? Google Ashley Biden. Never heard of her? Our VP’s daughter has been busted for pot possesion, and was/is a party girl of Paris Hilton stature. Sayeth the media, “Oh, no. We couldn’t go there. We have an agenda to bash REPUBLICANS. Willow Palin and Bristol Palin are our targets.”

    • jess

      Even as a liberal, I do agress with you here- to an extent. Joe Biden and his brood are loose cannons to be sure, but there is hypocrisy on both sides. How long did we hear about whether Bill Clinton did or did not inhale? How gross Al Gore kissing tipper was? How Hilary cried like a wee girl? And a serious bid for president was lost when Howard Dean screamed like a wild animal and the clip was played ad nauseum. And yet, how often do we hear about the fact that Laura Bush killed someone in college? I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just saying that as Americans we (media included) pick people whose character we want destroyed, and we don’t stop until the job is done. Sometimes they’re bleeding hearts, sometimes they’re right-wingers, but they’ve all got families and usually we are taking things too far. That said, I do think Palin’s kind of a dumb ass. I guess I should start practicing what I preach.

      • jess

        agress? I meant agree.

    • dave

      Personally I’d rather my daughter smoked pot than got pregnant and had a child out of wedlock as a teenager. Especially if I was supposed to be a hard core conservative.

  • sbwm

    Letterman, and I love him, was out of line on this one. Not funny and his follow up was callous.

  • Old Mike

    This situation mirrors the Presidential campaign. The more Palin talks, the dumber she looks.

  • Rob

    Letterman’s joke was a bit over the line, and he should apologize, but Palin is milking it for far more than it’s worth. This story just doesn’t have the legs to run as far as she wants it to. But when you’re running for president you’ll do or say almost anything to keep your name in the news.

  • RunLeviRun

    I am so sick of this publicity hound that is Sarah Palin. Yes it was a tastelss joke. But for the last frakkin’ time it was about your hypocritically abstinence promoting daughter Bristol, not your cute as a bug daughter Willow. I don’t think most of America realized you ahd another daughter until you brought her into this mess. SHut up and go home to Alaska and secede already!!!

  • Victoria

    I think that any intelligent person would know that Sarah Palin is not one of them. We should only let her speak to neighbourhood newspapers at this point. Dave’s joke was a joke and clearly it was addressed to the older daughter, his follow-up apology the next day was more than adequate, and she needs to stop talking.

  • Lane

    this is like the “lipstick on a pig” moment during the campaign… everyone with a brain knows the original context of the line, but leave it to Palin to take it to the nth degree. Sure, she is ginning up her “base”, but it’s not changing any minds that already weren’t in the tank for her anyway. Letterman is an icon and his 30 years of credibility make her rape insinuations ridiculous to any thinking person.

  • Michael

    What a media whore.

  • Terry

    Milking? I believe Matt brought up the Letterman issue. If Letterman would have made a similar comment about my daughter I would have reacted a bit stronger than Sarah Palin.

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